Office REIT List

Real Estate Investment Trusts allow investors to gain exposure to direct real estate assets. There are 2 dominant REIT strategies in investing in real assets. The first is a diversified REIT strategy in which the management invest across a spectrum of real estate asset classes. The underlying portfolio is aimed to provide a diversified portfolio of […]


Blackstone (BX) commonly known as one of the premier private equity houses has built a truly global real estate private equity franchise. While we cover number of REITs and REIT ETF. We also like non REIT stocks but are on the periphery of the real estate space. The stock has been on a tear but recently it has […]

REIT Index

REITs which owns and operate real estate assets make up one of the largest sectors in the US market. REIT ETFs are passive index funds that can provide diversified REIT exposure for investors but not the Indexes are created equal. There is multiple options available for investors from ETFs invested in US REITs or global REIT ETFs which each […]

Best Performing REITs in 2017

Here are the best performing REITs in 2017 by sector. A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case it is the price chart of the top performing REITs really speak for themselves.   Name Symbol Sector Gaming and Lesiure Properties GLPI Leisure and Gaming Newcastle Investment Corp NCT Mortgage Universal Health Realty Income […]

Largest REITs by Sector

Sector Overview of the Largest REITs Publicly traded REIT is one of the largest components of the financial sector and in the S&P 500. From August 31, 2016 REITs will become its own sector within the GSCI classification. This is expected after all, real estate asset is on every street in America. See our complete list […]