REIT Taxation

Since the introduction of rules governing Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) it created a tax efficient means of investing in real estate for investors. Tax exempt status of REIT income means that investors will not pay taxes on trust income if all of the income is distributed. While there is huge list of REITs listed on the […]

REIT Return Drivers

Income Primary income of REIT is the rent received by the tenant from managing, leasing and operating the underlying real estate assets. Supplementary income can be earned through leasing car spaces and building signage. Growth General asset appreciation due to market supply and demand shortfall. Development of new buildings / adding value through purchasing low occupancy […]

Top Down and Bottom Up Long Term REIT Performance

REIT Index Performance From a top down viewpoint, Investors has been rewarded investing in REIT over the last 20 years. While historical returns is not an indication of future returns, it does provide a backdrop to understand the key drivers of the sector. The attractiveness of steady income and capital gains with rise in asset […]


Real Estate Investment Trust Exchange Traded Fund  Real estate is the oldest asset class. Along with stocks and bonds, it is one of the most commonly identified investment options identified by investors. REITs allow investors flexibility in gaining exposure to the real estate assets class exposure. Current low interest rate environment has been favorable for REITs. […]

Australia Market and Currency Year to Date Performance

The Australia Market ASX 200 has tracked the S&P 500 closely so far this year but in the last few days, the Australia large cap index increased the spread to 2% year to date. The surge can be attributed to: 1. The conclusion of negotiations over the Australia – Japan Free Trade agreement The agreement […]